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Weekly Announcements
July 21, 2024


Yesterday afternoon, Pastor Bryce Clayton was installed as Immanuel’s Associate Pastor during a special worship service. We welcome Pastor Bryce, and look forward to his spiritual leadership of our congregation alongside Pastor Tim.

We thank the many people who made this service possible, including Immanuel’s choir and organist, District President Dwayne Lueck, Pastor Gary Markworth, Pastor Bruce Hoffmann, Pastor Matthew Lorfeld, Pastor Carlton Andersen, Pastor David Karolus, and Circuit Visitor David Ficken. We also thank the Evening Guild and all who helped make the reception a success.

We pray for God’s blessing on Pastor Bryce and on his ministry at Immanuel.


Immanuel family – we are asking for your help. This weekend we will have name tags on hand during worship. We ask you to fill one out and put it on.

Why? There are quite a few reasons. We have new staff members who would like to get to know you: Pastor Bryce Clayton, Teacher Anna Clayton, and Teacher Michelle Rave. We have had over 90 new members over the last many months. And there are likely some longtime members who don’t know one another’s names.

Thanks for your help as we continue to Share, Grow, and Serve with one another!


High school and middle school teens: We have lots of activities remaining this summer, including three more campfire nights, a Nerf Battle, and this trip to the Dells. Take a moment to sign up for the events on your Church Center App today!


Church Open House: Including this weekend, we have only 4 weekends of worship services remaining in our longtime church building. We will hold another open house on Saturday, July 27. Mark your calendars for this opportunity to come and take some pictures of your family or your longtime building.

Chairs Selection: As we wrote last week, volunteers on Immanuel’s Chair Selection Team have recommended the Genesis Pew Chair from Church Plaza for our new church sanctuary seating.

You likely noticed a sample of that chair in our narthex. If you haven’t yet done so, please take a moment to try out the chair before or after worship. Also, please take a moment to read the note from Dave Funke and the chair selection team available near the chair.


Joining Jesus:  The practice of talking with people happens in many ways. However, all of them boil down to this: Jesus can do more with two people who are talking with each other than he can with two people who are successfully ignoring each other. So, what kind of conversations are you having with the people around you? (Page 117)


Party Pails:  Hey Immanuel – want to jumpstart your practice of talking with people? A generous donor has refilled two Party Pails for you to use! There is a Packer Party themed Party Pail, and an Ice Cream Social themed Party Pail available for you to pick up in the narthex.

Use the items in the pail to plan a simple neighborhood gathering in your home. The next step is simple: invite your neighbors over to meet one another, talk, and have some fun! That’s it.

It’s a simple way to start Joining Jesus on His Mission. Please speak with Pastor Tim if you wish to take one of the pails. Enjoy!


Labor of Love Campaign:  The LCMS and our North Wisconsin District encourage churches to help focus on educational debt reduction for our called church workers. With that in mind, the offering collected during Pastor Bryce’s installation will be used to reduce his outstanding student loans.

This coincides with Immanuel’s critical target of being Fully Staffed. Immanuel has supported other workers or future workers through direct payments to seminaries or teacher training colleges. We have paid toward colloquies for Lutheran Education certificates and teaching certificates. And we have encouraged eligible staff to take advantage of the Labor of Love educational debt reduction campaign.

The North Wisconsin District of the LC-MS has set a goal to raise $1,000,000 toward educational debt relief for called workers in our district under their Labor of Love Campaign. The interest earned from this endowment would be used to annually help called workers with educational debt. The district has already raised $533,000 toward this goal.

If you have a heart for this ministry and would like to donate, please check out this link:

Upcoming Events

Jul 27          Open House at current church
Aug 7          Youth Dells trip
Aug 11         Final Worship in current church
Aug 17        Ruby’s Pantry
Aug 17        Decommission current church
Aug 18        Worship site: Mission Center
Aug 28        Youth Nerf Battle
Oct 12         Lutheran Laymen’s League Convention
Oct 15         North WI District Adult Gathering
Nov 3          Scheduled Congregational Assembly

Items for donation:  Thank you for your continued generosity as you have donated/sponsored items for our new buildings!

This week’s featured items include:

  • 1/4 pound of Short Prairie for Dry Soil Seed Mix: $37.38
  • One roll of Cat6a ethernet wire: $263
  • An Eastern Redbud tree: $275
  • A Downy Serviceberry tree: $220

We have listed over a dozen items that are less than $25 donations, so there are options to take ownership when funds are tight. Parents, consider helping your kids find something meaningful to them that they can help “donate!”