Letter from the Principal

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June marks the end of the 140th school year at Immanuel celebrating the theme Connected. The Bible verse from John 15:5 reminds us of how important it is to stay connected to Jesus Christ. As summer begins time is given to reflect on the growth of another year. Each month the school has focused on different ways to become a stronger disciple. As Immanuel sends students into summer it is my prayer that they continue to grow in faith through activities like worship and VBS. Many families will also find time to travel and experience things in other communities. The theme we are just wrapping up is how God’s people are for each other. Take time to serve in your community as the opportunity comes about to put your faith into action. This could be as simple as spending time with your neighbor or participating in a community event.

Immanuel also gives thanks to the teachers and staff for the service they have provided to our students and families through this educational ministry. There are a couple of teachers who will not be returning that I would like to thank for their service to Immanuel. Carrey Koran has served the past 2 years as a part-time 3rd-grade teacher. Diana Hillemeyer who has been helping with the music at school will be taking time off to support her family. Mrs. Hokana who has been serving the past 5 years as the 7th grade homeroom teacher will be serving at Rockford Lutheran High School. We give thanks for the work that they have done to serve at Immanuel. May God continue to be with them and bless them moving forward.

The teachers and staff are enjoying a different schedule during the summer like their students but are planning for the 2024-2025 school year. The theme will be Endure using Hebrews 12:1-3 as a Bible verse. The verse reminds us to run with endurance the race that God has put before us. Immanuel will begin the 141st school year on August 28th when students arrive for the first day of classes. This race that we all part of is life which has many ups and downs. The blessing of Immanuel Lutheran School is the opportunity to connect with families and students and share Jesus. The teachers continue to run this race as they will be involved with meeting the needs of students who attend Immanuel. This year we welcome two new teachers Anna Clayton in grade 7 and Michelle Rave in grade 5. May God continue to bless the school ministry as the enrollment continues to grow providing opportunities to Share the Love of Jesus, Grow in Faith, and Serve the Community.

In Christ, Brian J. Betts-Principal