Pastor Bryce Clayton July ~ Grace and peace to you!

Mary Martin   -  

As Anna, Eleanor, and I have been settling in to Wisconsin Rapids, I wanted to tell you a little more about myself and my family as we begin our time here.

For most of my life I grew up in the city of Fond du Lac attending Hope Lutheran Church with my parents and two sisters. My family, especially my mom, were involved with a lot of the activities at Hope, including Sunday School, our youth groups, and VBS.

My first move to Concordia University-Wisconsin where I studied youth ministry. At that time, I hadn’t planned on being a pastor. I originally wanted to serve in a DCE type of role, leading the youth ministry activities at a congregation. Clearly God had a different plan.

While at CUW I met Anna through our larger friend group. We both spent a lot of time together studying in the library and leading lock-ins with our campus Y-Min group. In July of 2020, we were married and moved to Clayton, Missouri, onto Concordia Seminary’s Campus.

After two years we found ourselves moving back to Wisconsin but farther north than before. We spent a year in Antigo for my vicarage at Peace Lutheran Ministries, during which time Anna taught 7th and 8th grade in their school. It was a wonderful experience, especially since I had never experienced a Lutheran grade school before. Working with the kids was one of the highlights, but of course, the greatest highlight of the year was finding out we were going to be parents.

At the end of last September, our first child was born. We can’t believe that Eleanor is already 9 months old and how quickly she is able to get around! She is shy at times, but loves to wave and gives the biggest smiles she can with her six teeth.

We are all excited to be here with you! It is a blessing to be called here as your Pastor, to serve alongside you and to share the love of Christ with you all. I’m looking forward to getting to know you all better, especially our families and youth in our community.

God’s peace be with you!
Pastor Bryce Clayton