Mr. Rob Judziewicz

Physical Education

I grew up and went to school in Greenfield, Wisconsin. I have been married to my wife, Traci, for 19 years, and we have a son, Andrew, who is 17, and a daughter, Kelsi, who is 15. I graduated with PE, Health, and APE in 2001 from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. This is my 7th year at Immanuel Lutheran School. I have also been an employee of Kwik Trip for 21 years. My family and I really enjoy volunteering at Ruby’s Pantry and hope others will come and join us. I look forward to a new year and how I can be a disciple to my school and community. 

The school’s theme this year is “Connected” (John 15:5). Share a time in your life when you saw the importance of being connected to Jesus.

I am currently struggling to find my place in the church I am a member of. Every day I come to Immanuel, it lets me know the effect that Jesus has on me and what I can pass on to my students.

If you could take a year off from work, what would you do with that time?

I would travel around the states and go see sporting events for different teams.

Hometown: Greenfield, WI
Bachelor’s Degree: Physical Education Minor in Health and Adaptive Physical Education